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May 16 2014
The family of the late industrialist Lord Ballyedmond are the wealthiest people in Northern Ireland, the Sunday Times rich list has suggested.

The newspaper estimates the wealth of Lady Ballyedmond and her family at £1.4bn, up by £540m last year.
How's the probate coming along?

The Company is almost self-contained in its raw material production and produces many intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Company's finished dose forum division produces sterile injectables for both medical and veterinary use. It has facilities to produce tablets, capsules, aerosols, creams, sterile injections of solutions, suspensions and powders. All to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice and for export world wide including Europe, the US and Japan.
The Company has a heavy commitment to chemical process development. It has invested over £80 Million within the last 5 years in the synthesis of complicated molecules.

Lady Ballyedmond (Mary) is a practising solicitor by profession, engaged mostly in large estates, conveyancing and probate.
source? Wikileaks...

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