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Originally Posted by de_shit View Post
I love people that think they are the shit because they are in the army. I am the shit, de shit, they are not. Anyway, Ive seen a couple people who were in the army and when they see my hair I see a look in their eyes and I know they want me to join. Fucking assholes though man. But I love them though dude. I used to play with this dude online who was into the army, and was 15 and even said he wanted to join the army. Guess what his favorite tv show is? The Military channel. Hes a jock too, a football player. I guess people with peanut brains and hearts like him would want to join the army. It suits him fine. Hes a member of the army of one religion.
They don't want people in the Army who question and analyse. I've found that military and ex-military folk are very reverant for authority. They trust the govt virtually blindly. They're one of the hardest people to talk to about 9/11 etc.
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