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Originally Posted by hagbard_celine View Post
You did the right thing in reporting your experience. Sorry you had such a bad time, but it's good you feel compassion for him. Military training really is an indoctrination machine designed to close down analytical thought. The first stage in any military training is rigid discipline, routine and ritual; this is combined with very hard work and sleep deprivation. It is the perfect recipe for producing a living robot. I almost joined the Royal Navy once and I'm so glad I didn't!

One of the paragraphs in the Ten Steps to Fascism article included: "Military service is glorified and glamourized", and isn't it just! The media and conventional society in general portrays soldiers as superhuman man-gods. I remember during the firemen's strike a few years ago, the news came on the TV asking whether the Army's "Green Goddess" fire engines were up to the task of modern firefighting. Someone who was watching with me said: "Why not just let them use modern fire engines?" I said "They're not trained to use them." My neighbour replied: "Training? These are soldiers! They don't need training."

And what does this public mindset have on the soldiers themselves? If you are talking to someone and they're in the military then within 2 to three sentences they will find some way to slip it into the discussion. They are programmed to believe that they are automatically superior to anyone else present and that is why they want to tell people so badly. In my experience, they get quite annoyed by those who are not effected by their perceived status. I remember talking in a pub to a man who was an Army medic who'd just come back from Iraq. He got upset when I didn't show any interest in the subject and tried talking about something else. I've found that if soldiers are in a pub in uniform they can become peeved even more easily, by people who simply don't look at them. I was once challenged in London by a group of uniformed soldiers in a pub because I walked passed their table seeming to be unaware of their presence.

My ex-girlfriend told me a few weeks ago that her son has just joined the Army. I didn't reply. I was torn between wanting to warn her and not upsetting her with what I know, which she has no control over.

The media pours copious prestige on the military. The catchphrase in the UK is "our brave boys". They also repeatedly drone about the dangers of warfare and the "courage" of those who face them. But according to my almanac, there are a number of jobs that are more dangerous than modern military service (generally; I can't speak for elite units like the SAS): deep-sea diver, demolition worker, fisherman, coal miner. Where's all the new headlines about "Our brave miners" and "Trawler hero dies so that we can enjoy our fish fingers."?

There are several reasons for this distortion, but the main one is that the military is so important to Elite power. Without Kissinger's "dumb, stupid animals" what would they do? Military service also means very hard and (quite, see above) risky work for comparatively low pay; who would do the job without all the glory?
excellent post. and OHhhhh YES.... he seemed to get very fucking agitated by the fact I didn't seem to be affected by his "superiority".
“What I realised was that they don’t want the people to be awake. The elite ruling class wants us asleep so we’ll remain a docile, apathetic herd of passive consumers and non-participants.." - bill hicks

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