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Red face What exactly was I feeling?

The other night, I was in the deepest meditative state I had ever been in, induced by psilocybin and by the positive energies of two other peaceful individuals, and some music that is just perfect, wondrous, full of expression, and REAL. Here one of the songs.

All 3 of us were in the living room of the house and I was laying on the couch, on my back in a slightly inclined position. The other two are a couple and lay together on bed in the center of the room. We put an endless amount of HD wallpapers on a slideshow on the big screen as well, along with the endless music. It was many images of landscapes, space, abstracts, animals, Nature, ect.. We are used to having our experiences in Nature, completely away from our artificial reality, but it is winter time and we had to deal with what we had.

I began to feel the full effects an hour after consumption and what happened was something I experienced on several other occasions, and only during psilocybin experiences. I began to feel this vibration within my body, like pins and needles but way different. It came onto me so fast this time, that I had barely any time to brace myself. I knew it was coming because of how it happened my previous experiences, it begins after I reach a certain level of happiness and calm. When I first experienced this years ago, I was scared because of how intense it was and because it resembled the feeling of losing blood to parts of the body, so it kind of reminded me of my panic attack years before that. I identified that it wasn't the same feeling as losing blood during the end of that experience back then. Anyway, the vibration is felt, intensely, over every inch of my entire body. The closest I can get to describing it, is that it feels like a massive amount of electricity is running through my body. This time, it was way more intense than any of my other vibration experiences though.

My hands, starting with the first finger, began to contract backwards while the vibration feeling got even more intense. Since I didn't fear what was happening at all, I allowed the vibration to get even stronger as my emotions swelled with love along with my smile. My right arm was to my side with my first finger contracting backwards. My left arm was doing a counter-clockwise contraction of my elbow and an outward contraction of my shoulder, along with the backward hand contraction. I was expressing my happiness in it true form by humming along with the music, while also saying, at times, incredibly strong, peaceful things that crossed my mind. I reassured myself at one point by trying to use my twisting left arm. I was able to use it with little difficulty, as I was able to overcome the increasing vibration feeling in that arm as I tried to use it. NO FEAR AT ALL. After I used my left arm and hand during my reassurance, I also put it to my side like how my right arm was. Here's the unique part. At that point, every time I hummed along with the music with my passion, my entire body started to literally shake as a whole, like mega shivering. I stopped humming with the music and realized I couldn't help but let out the full expression of my current positive state, every time I breathed out. Sounds of pure pleasure came out with every breath. So every time I breathed out, my body shook intensely, like someone having a convulsion. It was so damn awesome. The more positive my state was, the more intensely I shook. During the most intense shakes, I was like, "Ho---lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "WooooooooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooo!" It was like a roller coaster ride. This occurred for about 15-20 minutes. Toward the end of the orgasmic-like sounds of pleasure I was letting out along with the involuntary shaking, I began to feel like I was connecting with my true self.

I really wish I would have recorded this entire thing.

After the shaking subsided, I felt like I was all knowing, connected with the Earth, and all beings in the universe with eternal love. I was fully fastened to the thoughts of my partners and I felt like I was the conduit of our full, telepathic connection. I was processing all of our thoughts so clearly. All three of us were one mind. My brother kept saying during this time, "There is no difference!" meaning we are all one in the same, our thoughts were one. This was by far the best psilocybin experience I have ever had, and I have had about 20 or more in my lifetime. It was DIVINE. It really felt like a holy experience, it's the best way to describe it. The woman of the group shouted at one point, "We are angels! We must spread our love to the world and heal everyone with our warmth!" She actually said she wanted to go to the neighbors (3am) and tell them that we are angels here to give them our love. We actually did feel like angels though. We felt eternal... immortal and fueled with pure love. At another point, those two came over to me, in front of the couch where I lay(to the left of me) and laid on the floor, inclined, huddled together. I leaned over to the left, slightly tipping my face into the huddling area with that all knowing feeling, and we just expressed our peaceful thoughts to each other. I spoke mostly, saying so many great things about life and love. I encompassed myself within the meaning of every word I spoke. I was love.

Anyway, I couldn't help but talk about those few highlights in the whole experience. There's definitely a whole lot more to the experience, but the purpose of this thread is to discuss what that vibration is and why I am the only one who experiences out of the three of us, especially since we all consume the same amount. It definitely isn't the first time the three of us did this together and yet, I am still the only one who feels that intense, overcoming vibration...Why???? Why do I feel like a "speaker" when we are experiencing this with them. This isn't the first time we felt the connection in our thoughts. Once, in an older, Nature experience, the other two sat together on their blanket while I was the only one standing, just talking about what was on my mind, and they were both begging me to continue talking, saying that they were fascinated about how I was saying exactly what they were thinking. I felt like I was performing, giving an inspirational speech on a stage. but our thought connection was never as strong as this recent experience, and same goes for the vibration I felt... could there be a connection between the strength in the oneness of our thoughts and the intensity of the vibration I feel? Like I said before, I felt like I was the conduit that was processing our thoughts into that one mind. I felt that if I hadn't been there, that level of consciousness connection would not have been achievable for the two of them. That's the way I felt, there was no ego involved. I also kind of felt that if they weren't there, I wouldn't have had such a good experience, ergo, I wouldn't have felt the vibration so intensely.

So yeah, I would really like to know what the essence of that vibration is, and maybe some of you can give some suggestions, I'm open to knew ideas and I'm willing to hear what you have to say, whether you think this is a bad or good phenomenon. On the other hand, if your inclined to tell me how bad my choice to take psilocybin is, or to say I was having a seizure or anything like that, then I want you to keep it to yourself. I KNOW this is a very important spiritual aspect of myself that I need to figure out what this means, so that I may use it to further benefit my spiritual growth, and in turn, benefit the spiritual growth of those around me.

Thanks, and may peace nurture the hearts of every experiential being in existence.:luv::luv::luv:
I am Nature, and Nature is me.

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