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What a beautifully artistic and colorful (and peaceful!) world we'd live in if such a thing was put into place. But that's not why money was invented, in the first place. If it was, money would never have been needed at all, but would have been this extraneous thing to humanity; like an extra limb that would eventually be discarded anyway.

Even still, it sounds like a great idea. And the position you presented about why people wouldnt' accept it (nobody would work, everybody would just loaf around, etc) is accurate: it's false. However that's not even why the elite wouldn't put it to use. The real reason they would never do it is BECAUSE of the positive work that humans would seek to endeavor, and that would counteract the original purpose of money anyway: to enslave.

Money is a curse upon the whole of humanity, and its inventers intended it to be such since it's inception. Almost nobody truly understands this, which is part of the spell. And yes, as occult as it sounds (and is), there is black magick associated with money, which is why perfectly good-natured people get angry when others talk bad about it. There's a spell on our minds. I'm priviledged to be free of that spell, but it also ostracizes me from my fellow man. So be it.The spell will not endure forever.

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