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Originally Posted by serpentine View Post
Basalt lava flows are indeed as old as the hills and Mayor Harry Kim is as old as some of the Big Island hills because that's the nature of things there and bearing in mind his speech from post 56 in this thread things have moved on quickly with lava rapidly cutting highway 132, running along it for several kilometres into good farmland and now threatening to cut highway 137 which is the remaining route out for that coastal area.

Loss of power and some mobile signals has prompted voluntary evacuations in the coast area whilst the dangerous pooling and break out nature of the increasing flow from the fissure 8 area has prompted mandatory evacuations in others.

As news goes this eruption is the first to shut down a geothermal plant surrounding it now on 3 sides.

Short flyby of the current situation there whilst the latest USGS conference with the media companies here indicates they can't predict how long this is going to go on for.

Madame Pele currently shimmying at over 400 earthquakes a day for 5 consecutive days now.

Could be a long thread.
So that's what he's been doing since he got back from the Delta Quadrant.

Hats off for keeping us updated, btw.
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