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Originally Posted by greenhulk40 View Post
I enjoyed Peter Calpadi as the Doctor although his last season was not so good, i think he is a better actor than Whitaker for me she is trying to be like Tennant mixed with Eclestone , the new writers have certainly pissed off the hardcore fans who have followed Who for years, it just doesn't feel like Doctor Who anymore, it should go away for a few years and come back with new writers, it definitely needs a break.
The biggest "FFS!!!" is Jodie's ludicrous policy of not watching ANY episodes from previous Doctors!
A huge shame as if she'd realised The Doctor works really well with quieter, pensive angles, her performance would not be as slight as she sadly has proved to be.
I think if there is a cancellation pending, they may as well go for broke and get a show runner who is as unfamiliar with the series as Jodie as hopefully that would be the spark the show, and Jodie's Doctor needs.
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