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Originally Posted by tjohn View Post
It is very difficult to stand up after one zapping at 50,000 volts and impossible after three or four times; so in the end they did have to drag him out. Yet for what? Not signing on before using the library computers???

Frankly, my first feelings are that those police officers should be shot in the head, after first being rendered helpless by being Tazered several times themselves! That is what my first feeling are but using my head, they should be more properly be brought to justice and spend an awful lot of time in jail.

Then I think that most (or all) of these police officers are married and I ask myself how on earth could genuine women make love to such selfish cold-hearted men. And I hope that because they have a conscience their wives leave them. But alas, many women are shallow as are many men.

Sorry but I think they are all the scum of the Earth.

I agree with all you said,both posts,i feel the same way,you summed it up perfectly.
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