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Originally Posted by tjohn View Post
Thanks flyermay for your very good efforts! Having (in the past) been a TV technician for several years, I know how painful EHT voltage can be. I once received a shock of around 25,000 volts (off a TV tube anode) and it was not only very painful, be left me in a state of shock and feeling very faint for several hours - and that was with just one spark at 25,000 volts, not pulsed (10 times per second) at 50,000 volts for several seconds at a time as is with the Taser.
Me too, years ago while fixing an old TV

I completely agree with you in all you have just said. Far worst, according to AI there are evidences to support your view, but the authorities simply ignore them (as you can see above, due to other interests). But just say that already 370+ have died from police tasers in N. America.

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