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Originally Posted by truedruid View Post
I remember watching a programme in the 70's about tasers, they said they needed a new weapon to tackle the growing numbers of PCP users. The police were being attacked by people after they were shot 6 or 7 times for being violent nutters in the high street. So they invent the taser from cattle prods. Now this I have no problem with, instead of shoot someone dead whilst on PCP or accidently hitting the public, use a taser, but that's how they get the public to agree, then they abuse our support. To shoot someone not on angel dust with a taser is disgusting and should be against human rights.
Exactly, the tasers are currently being used as a means of punishment (or torture) for non-compliance, instead of an alternative method to firearms (which was its original purpose).

Besides, think of the other consequences of using tasers:
  • They leave no wounds or marks, so it would be difficult to prosecute an officer abusing its use (or misuse)
  • They can also be used in police station (or elsewhere) as the perfect tool for torture
  • They can even be used to kill someone, in extreme cases, and blame it on the device or the victim's health (for example: two officer tasering at a time would be a lethal 100,000 volts)
  • And God know what else...

This has to be stopped before we reach the 350 death toll by police tasers in the US.

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