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Originally Posted by alf hearted View Post
If an investigation was under way, and because she was disatisfied at the speed it was moving, allowed the videos to be uploaded on the web, then she has shown contempt to the courts. Either we are respecting the rule of law, or we're not. You can't have it both ways and just respect the bits that suit you.
I dont think it was she that uploaded them, I read an advisers letter to mp (article: what should happen to hampstead whistleblowers) that she inadvertently gave public access following changing the name of a document and sending it on - following anonymising the names of people in the the doc - it was a blogger, allegedly, who did the rest. and some people are saying this needed to come out. I am surprised to hear you advocating the respecting of the law when it is so often failing in corruption. google the latest dispatches undercover police in uk documentary to see real evidence of what the police are really like when no one is watching. I am surprised to see this kind of attitude on david ickes site and it just makes me wonder what is going on by the people who are supposedly senior here. I think i will leave.
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