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Kick the carbs into touch, get a good water filter like the ZeroWater one £30, it even filters fluoride and glyphoste to 0.
I have been carb free (except the small amounts in the veg I eat.) since Jan 15th this year and consuming 4200 calories per week. In ketosis for just over 4 weeks now. A life change not a diet.

It has improved my health vastly on all fronts.
If you have CFS/similar I recommend it if you can cope.
Giving up carbs does involve a period of withdrawal, now it's a doddle. I wouldn't go back to the state of health I was enduring previously.
Do a bit of research if you have long term health problems it might be what cures your long term ills. And it's free, except the water filter of course.

Bollocks to drinking piss, dirty bastards.
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