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Much better way for Healing..

This device will make OIL if you change the FREQUENCY of the DC powering it in water.

Its sold as a Healing tool and was the ORIGINAL device that started the footbath industry in 1996, that today sees dozens of NON WORKING SCAM COPIES

It has 25,000 customers who have used it, and its the only design thats has clinical trials at University level earning a PhD in its effectiveness to cure Cancers.

It literally leaves an OILY scum in the tub as a residual interaction between water and Magnetic Current.

This OIL PRODUCTION can be greatly increased to make gallons a day for PENNIES as our research showed when testing this device for the many 100's of other uses it has besides just sticking one's feet in a bucket for Healing. So 1000's of people are turning water into oil every day and dont even know it. Buy one and see for yourself and get healing to boot.

Besides OIL production so pure it doesnt need refining to use, it has DNA cross germination abilities (its better than the device in the Patent "DNA TELEPORTATION".

And would the average human even recognise Heavenly Sky Dweller Technology (alien tech) if they actually saw it? So let the skeptics begin... I've heard it all before a million times.

I do not sell them and have no financial or monetary interest, nor do I manufacture them, I just invented the concept of Magnetic Field Bio Enhancement for HEALING.
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