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there certainly is a legal framework to bring these people to heel it just hasn't been enacted in the past

they are not above the law's upon which they took their oaths of public office

in fact, internationally the legal framework exists to hold the entire political establishment of the western nations to task for the events after 9/11 with regard to the wars of regime change which are illegal by any stretch of the imagination

I hope to the gods this is the beginning of ending this satanic grip on society , they have done some horrific damage to international relations and made a mockery of international law

this should go to the top though and by that I mean clean house at the U.N as well

all of our nations in the west are corrupted beyond belief by this same network and its international , not national level stuff

you will notice if you look that elected govt's have been able to only change domestic policy they have not been able to change foreign policy for some time now because everyones foreign policy is dictated by the U.N / NATO and groups such as Bilderberg , CFR , Tavistock and the Royal Society

those are the groups that have emerged as the supra national above the laws of the land from which they spawned

and it has to stop , if there was ever a time to pour your energies into spreading the word far and wide this could be it and this topic of international pedo rings is the way to clean house because they are ALL at it alongside varying degrees of occultism which is not a scare story its real and these sick bastards have been using blood ritual as a means of steering the ship for too long now un checked

cats out of the bag though , humanity must win through against this
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