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Default England's symbols are...french!

Originally Posted by vetis View Post
England's symbols are...french!

no, really? and here i thought the various invasions never happened. while the majority of british dna is still more similar to that of the basque ancestors (the original people here) the "rulers" have changed constantly and intermarried for generations.
Fleur de lis

England's symbols are...french!

England, colony of France

The Plantagenets

I have heard it said that a higher proportion of Basque people have O-negative blood than other populations and that this is because they are the oldest ethnically pure group in Europe. Is there any truth in this assertion? Is blood group an inherited characteristic?,-4623,00.html

Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post

A person who can trace their descent back to a ruling monarch.
Nothing to do with the blood then?

Originally Posted by purplepebble View Post

There is your answer LG

Royal Blood is not necessarily the same thing as Blue Blood though.
Could you elaborate.

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