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just to say looking back at a few post on this thread there seems to be some who still argue the FACT that these orbs of energy are real!!
anybody having trouble with this obviously have never done any proper orb hunting or photographing.
a work mate and i realized these were real a few years back now.brilliant location,a castle.taking pics of our work these orbs started appearing.they would follow us about.some becoming reconisable by their patterns within.
we knew after half hr that thats what they were.did the dust thing to and mostly it takes awful lot of dust to start getting orb effects.nah,way beyond that thinking now.years on.
peeps saying their not real orta get out there and try again.

oh.....if ya struggle to get them,not everybody can,then ask the universe for pemission to capture these things.found it made a difference to a friend who couldnt get them.then he could.

at the moment i think some are spirits,or parts of spirits,some are other entitys.good and bad.all seem to have inteligence
can glimps them with my naked eye nowadays,now and then.

makes a good hobby.

they can be photograthed behind things too.

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