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Question Mermaid Body Pulled Out of Minnesota Lake

Video Above!

Story About This Footage:

This footage was filmed by a man on a beach in Minnesota. The lake in which this video was filmed at remains unknown as well as the man's identity. He wishes to only go by Macky. We at Paranormal Elite were sent the footage from Macky, who took it on his cell phone camera. He claims that the park was first cleared, and then big vehicles came in with people wearing yellow hazmat suits. Macky stayed behind and filmed despite the park's efforts to get everyone out.

Macky is actually from Australia but was visiting relatives in Minnesota when they decided to go to a local park.

Regarding the footage. You can first see a strange green tail floating in the water. Two people wearing hazmat suits and carrying a stretcher pull the mysterious creature out of the water. The creature seen bears striking resemblance to the mermaids depicted in fictional stories.

Macky believes the footage does show proof of mermaids. He says that in Australia, too, he has heard stories of of humanoid creatures with fish-like tails. He was surprised to see something like this being pulled out of a freshwater lake.

It remains a mystery whether or not mermaids do inhabit lakes in Minnesota. After all, what happens when the lakes freeze in the winter?

We at Paranormal Elite urge everyone to keep an open mind and come to a conclusion yourself. If this is in fact a fake, the question arises as to why anyone would go to such lengths to hoax a video like this. What do you think? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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