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Originally Posted by aurum View Post
Good video that, thanks for sharing!

I've posted this before but it aligns with the nature of David's talk... Just to highlight the sheer futility of redistributing the world's population in the first place... and secondly, how in simple mathematical terms such redistribution will ultimately result in the changing face of Western society...

yes...demographics. i remember it wasn't too many years ago it was rare to see a woman with black eyes. these days i am seeing a lot more women with black eyes. sexual assaults in cabs was rare. not so rare anymore. those dealing out the black eyes vote. like it it or not its a fact. and when theres enough adherents to sharia in your country you might just find yourself out numbered in a vote on the subject. and i am told theres no such thing as canadian values...well i thought one of our values was that we dont own women and dont give them black eyes. apparently i was wrong?? according to my prime minister i am wrong. as far as i am concerned sharia has no place in canada and people who want to live their live by sharia have no place here either. there is much to sharia that contravenes canadian law and the rights that canadians enjoy. end of.
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