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It goes back to something I touched upon with regard to the Labour Party... Now, if you're quite far removed from those areas in which mass immigration has had a profound effect, of course it's very easy to dismiss such concerns as petty racism, small-minded bigotry and the rest. But- hang on a minute! To simply dismiss, with a derisory sweep of the hand, the perhaps legitimate concerns of whole communities is quite telling in and of itself. I'm glad that David touched upon this.

It's quite telling, because it highlights the refusal, or unwillingness of many to step down from their self-righteous pedestal and take on board the fact that maybe their preferred world-view is simply incorrect. Or at least, needs some work. Cognitive dissonance. Far easier to paint any dissenters who sway from the pc narrative as 'racists', as opposed to actually humbling oneself to listen and learn from what their experiences have to say.

Because people do have legitimate concerns. Nothing to do with 'racism'- most Northern towns have embraced multiculturalism for several decades!! But when it's having an indisputable detrimental effect upon housing availability, upon jobs and stagnant wages, upon access to healthcare and schooling... Then eventually people are going to start making some noise. That isn't racist. Again, it's just a pretty simple numbers game.

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