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Originally Posted by judge360 View Post
Hi All this is my first post here

Ive been interested in the ufo phenomenum for years and yet USO's are just as popular as UFO's of which i believe to be the same but hardly get the same attention.

According to Popular Belief Us Humans Originated From The Oceans.

Im starting to believe that USO's & UFO's arnt actually travelling Vast distances across the Universe and that They Have always Been Here & Originate From Our Oceans as We Did?

Just like UFO's, sightings of the underwater equivalent go back to the dawn of civilisation Indeed the cultures of ancient Mesopotamia believed they derived all their learning from such beings who emerged from the sea. In more recent times the phenomenon has produced a steady stream of sightings. Perhaps not so many incidents as sky sightings, but since the oceans are so broad and unpeopled, this is not to be wondered at.

Considering 70% of the Earth is covered in Water this makes sense. We know more about the Moon than we do About our Seas.

There's been Thousands of reports of USO's Its Believed That Christopher Columbus Reported in his Logs Of Strange Lights Coming From the Sea.

Here's a Good Documentary on USO's

Im going to put a compillation of some Good USO Reports ive found this may take some time however as theres alot to go through.

Ill start with the Most Famous The 1967 Shag Harbour Incident (most members should know of this)


Heres another interesting case

Heres another:

Some more interesting cases:


IF Anyones interested in adding to this Thread About The USO phenomenum it would be Appreciated Ill Add More Case's Shortly (Loads to sift through i want to find some of the best.)
Thanks for the info, I saw a good documentary last year or the year before about USO's, in particular the Shag Harbour incident! I would love to know more about this phenomenon as like you say it isn't as well known as the UFO phenomenon.

Have you read a book called The Welsh Triangle?
There were reports in that book of a possible underwater base off the coast of Wales!!!
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