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Originally Posted by tracker View Post
yes ok i fell off my chair and hit my head when i saw that .


these situations are indeed as real as you are .

they do happen .

which is why drs and therapists always question the persons mentality and do not and never ever have or will ever concider even the idea that it can happen to people .

this alone is strange .
if so many people say it happens , why isnt there even a department that investigates it ?

this sort of activity has been going on for years and so have those people been saying it for years but still no investigation .

only charactor assasinations !

yes they are mad bla bla bla bla bla .

its all very frightening to some people esepcially when they realise whats going on .

and yes

no one ever has or ever will even concider the posability which in phsycology actually classes this notion as delsuional . thus

not thinking it could happen
is delusional in it self .

the inability to compremise or concider the possability .
its too late now !

now laws are comming in to allow them to do it in our faces !
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