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Last weekend I started reading Everything You Need to Know. Here are some random, scattered thoughts.

Was good to see how the book start with an exposition of the Infinite All, and how it unfolds to create, well, everything! The reference to spiritual traditions and even some religions that corroborate with this.

If there's 'all possibility' then there's the possibility of an error in creation.

Again, this fits in with some of the ancient creation stories, where you get harmony being disturbed by some agent of chaos.

Dark matter, and the fact that most of what we call 'reality' is unseen. Now I know some will think me mischievous for positing this but it struck me that this is basically an 'occult teaching', in all but name, because what those teachings do is to explore the hidden, i.e. occult realm. I've no problem with that, to be honest.
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