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so why the external pressure on those who've awakened in any state, pretty much they either get swept up into some new philosophy paradigm, or if keep questioning, eventually the pressure gets too intense. I've spoken to a couple who have taken this path and getting to the 'crux' of things (lol) really does take a toll. Is it the collective subconscious attacking these individuals attempting to maintain reality stasis? the earth collective subconscious tho, should be different to god consciousness however influenced definitely

I do know that taking on this stuff, really can create a heightened state and then if you already had predisposition to anxiety or depression, then combine that with hyperstimulation from the computer, multiple sources of information on the most far reaching subjects of all, staring an intense strobe for long periods (your screen) well then chances are you could be attacking yourself. then prob being coerced to by nega influences in order to spaz you out and stop you thinking properly

imo most people here are locked into some sort of reality hub, perhaps the main one, imo there is a spiritual, multi dimensional collusion to attempt to control and influence those currently inside this reality. however the opposite could be true and we only trap ourselves here

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