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Default C***ing Data Gathering Bast****

i have been fuming today.

i needed some information today regarding my P60 for tax year 2016, so i dug my P60 out.

Now, i don't know about you, but when i got my P60 is shoved it in a draw and forgot about it.

Anywho turns out that the name and address are correct but the NI number showing on it isn't mine, and the total earned isn't what i earned either.

So, i rang the Inland Revenue up.

Go here, do this is what they told me.

So, over i go to and fill in the relevant forms on their Gateway pages, so i could access the information regarding how much tax i paid in 2016.

All well and good.


Absolutely fucking not.

i had to prove who i was, which ment varifying myself with Experian.

Experian are syphlitic infected cunts. i normally wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire, but i needed this info. They tell me they want to know where i live now, where i have lived for the last five years.

So, i fill in all the info, and Inland Revenue tell me they need more info from me, so i have to give them some additional info: fill in all my driving licence details, the driver number, when the licence was issued, when it expires..... But still they need more info, so they want to check my bank details.

So, i fill in all my bank details, and they varify all that and then say they need more info so they can tell me how much money i gave them last frikkin year.

'How much tax have you paid this year, input the exact amount that it says on your most recent payslip.'

so, i put in the figure. they tell me the figure is wrong, that it doesn't match their records and that is basicaly that.

The whole frikking thing was just a data collection exersize that i was forced into because i wanted to know one piece of information - a piece of information that wouldn't benefit anyone if they told them, a piece of information that should be available just by asking.

A piece of information that, once requested could be sent to the address they have on record for me in the form of a duplicate P60 - which they should have on record as a matter of course.

Now, i'm not nieve enough to think that all the info i supplied wasn't already available to them - they could find all the info, and probably more by clicking a few buttons. but that isn't the point.

i spent half a day trying to gain some info that should be readilly available without all the data collecting.

This whole country is set up to fuck you over in anyway that it can.
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