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Originally Posted by reptileslayer View Post
YES EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUS.It would not make sense for it not to be all Conscious.
Yes, and our decoded point of observation using our 5 sense decoding gear is just a 'relatively' tiny piece of the big/HUGE picture.

Like an ant trying to become aware of the vastness of the town around it and that it's part of a much bigger picture than it realises.

I've had some rare insights into what consciousness is in dreams etc,, and some things which David talks about, like the dark void of stillness. Philosophy I found, crops up in the world of science sometimes, and it raises some similar questions! Like Why?

The lovely lady Jill Bolte Taylor (nuro scientist) gave some amazing revelations about the nature of reality when her decoding apparatus went wrong after a stroke and she could see that everything is a connected oneness! consciousness!
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein
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