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Default Examples of the elites hypocracy re enviornment

I personally like the fundamental ideas behind agenda 21 and promoting a more sufficient, self sustaining world. I even think we could use far less humans on earth so there are better qualities resources for every human (i.e. more land each, we can eat an organic paleo diet like we should, fresh water, cleaner air etc). Obviously were i disgree with the elite is that they want to bring about these changes by dictatorship, manipulation and force. Nevertheless, i could see how it would be an ideology to unite them if they are desperately avid environmentalists. Then i got thinking about if they really in fact have noble intentions and care about the environment at all. I look around at all the damaging things they are doing to the environment, and wonder if they are more damaging than anyone else:
-Putting flouride in water is a disgrace to our "blue planet"
-Flooding the world with GMO crops endangers us and all species
-They control all the oil and have turned down more effective machines to use that oil sparingly as well as better energy sources that wont require rapeing the earth
- They have the money and land to buy and protect all the endangered species. They could fund anti poaching militias. Why dont they if they care?
- etc

Can i get some more examples from people? Thanks
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