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Default Promises promises

Most of this will be well known to any readers here but I mean to start at the beginning. In this case the ‘beginning’ is not 3,500 years ago at all.

When the term ‘America’ is used it contains a huge number of people with many different views. As far as peacekeeping or peacemaking is concerned the Americans made all the difference to the outcomes of the last two world wars, as did the Russians in the Second World War. In their case these were not wars of aggression but supposed to put an end to it. Some will differ in their view of this so I use the word ‘supposed’.

The US Census does not ask about religion. Wikipedia says that around 4% of US citizens are either Muslim, Hindu. Buddhist or Jewish. A very small percentage. 1.7% are Mormon and 26% Evangelical Christian. In fact Christians of all denominations account for over 78%.

The reason I mention this is because of the huge political lobby in the US which determines so much of its foreign policy. Any candidate for the Presidency dare not alienate the Evangelical alliance. What is perhaps curious is why that alliance is so enthusiastic in support of Israel at present, particularly the illegal (every nation in the world apart from Israel) occupation of the West Bank). I intend to look into that in more detail.

This last week something has been moving behind the scenes which is highly significant. Palestine has not given up its hope for statehood even if the two state solution is dead. Even if they cannot achieve full member status they still wish to upgrade from ‘entity’ to ‘non-member’ state. But this has been strongly opposed by the US who have written to all member states asking them to refuse such an application.

The basis of the strong objection is stated to be that any application for statehood needs to be negotiated with Israel and not doping so imperil the world. However the actual basis is thought to be that ‘non-member’ status would enable Palestine to have access to the International Criminal Court. Two points worthy of note about this. The US and Israel refuse to subscribe to this Court. The Court is based in Europe not the US where the UN has its headquarters.

What concern the US particularly about this bid for 'non-member' status is that it is being made to the UN General Assembly and there is no veto there. Furthermore Palestine is likely to have substantial support from the many non-aligned nations. This would be seen as a moral victory even though it would not change anything on the ground as such.

If we take a peek behind the objection to allowing Palestinians access top both those lands allocated to them by the rest of the world and international justice we find the massive lobby that seeks t tie the hands of any President. It consists mostly of Evangelical Christians.

The Democrat Party has traditionally attracted 80% of the Jewish vote and while this is significant in swing states it is not the overriding decision maker in America, but the fervent Evangelical vote most certainly is. The Mormon vote is of course significant too, but in the case of the next election this is cancelled out by Christian voters concerned about having a Mormon President. The fact that Romney is financially supported by Israel’s friend and billionaire Sheldon Adelson does not really come into the equation.

Behind the urgency lies an even more curious concept and it is of the ’promised land’. That will need much investigation but suffice to say that if a promise was made to Abraham, he was the Patriarch of both Jews and Moslems and was certainly not Jewish himself. He was in fact by birth an Iraqi and very few of his descendants can call themselves Jewish.

The significance to Evangelicals is the belief (also held by Mormons and Jews) that the Messiah cannot come until a Jewish temple has been built on Temple Mount, currently the home of two most ancient mosques almost as important to Muslims as Mecca and Medina.

That will not happen until Jerusalem and indeed the West Bank has been cleared of the people who have lived there for thousands of years, and been repopulated by immigrants from Europe who call themselves ‘Jews’. So it is essential to be aware of the truth behind this ‘promise’ from God that has mobilised the Evangelical people in the US, who in turn have influenced US policy to such a degree that a world war is now imminent.

This is all about awareness and it seems a relevant place to look into the ancient scriptures that millions believe give Israel the right to rule over an apartheid regime which ignores international law and equality. I would point out that the word 'Semite' actually applies to both the Palestinians and the Israelis and the term anti-Semitic should too. Any objection to injustice in the world should be termed anti-Injustice and not branded with an emotive racial term as seems to happen so often. But in deference to all I wish to look at what this 'God' actually promised and to whom, even though this was written in a book by a scribe over a thousand years later.

There are many peacemakers in the world but like the flying doves they tend to cower in the presence of the many hawks. The hawks have their own God historically. The Hawk God called by the Ancient Egyptians Horus. This one delights in war, hunting and sacrifice but is by no means the God of Creation, the One God or whatever one likes to call the Chief God in our universe. So I also want to take a look at the gods invoked by the religious people involved.

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