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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
On close inspection David's jacket looks like a knock off .. Perhaps He's making a statement in support of copyright infringement?

Zilch ...

I'm more after backing from an ET group .... access to De-aging and other high tech ...

You may remember I am the flag bearer of the Holy Thelemic Empire .... the second , or 'Red' Beast ... (Crowley was the first , or 'Great' Beast).

And Thelema is spelt ....

So the first letter , Theta , is very close to the opel sign ... so is my name Oz ...liber Oz ... the Wizard of Oz .....

.Liber Oz

Once I get a sponsorship deal with an ET group , the transformation of the planet and civilization can proceed , as outlined in this thread ...

The Empire gets high tech assistance , in return the ET group is designated "most favored trading partner " ...
Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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