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Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
You are absolutely correct ISIS is guilty. If you have a civil war you do not destroy the cash cows. Among the assets they have targeted is the pyramids. A piece time billion dollar a year tourist trap. He who controls and funds ISIS is a traitor to human kind. This is a fanatic attempt to hide what they do not want us to know. Let's not stop with them, the Smithsonian had a whistleblower come forward an state the Smithsonian has been throwing artifacts overboard into the ocean. What do you think the agenda is behind that?

One last thing, Iran disclosed the existence of 12,000 year old bodies with pliable tissue. What is the height of the bodies and are they in stasis?
Interesting points and comments, by and large I agree

Our governments are nearly always traitors to humanity and their countries too!

Grim times!

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