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Originally Posted by mannybash View Post
With reference to what was previously mentioned above about the incidences of sexual acts against women on campuses. I have no way of validating these figures
You can validate them by going to the research document I posted the reference to. Did you miss it? It is in my post under the quote for the statistics.

I'm curious why you say you believe videos on the internet, and build your beliefs on them, when videos on the internet give you no way of validating them.

but the description of the sexual crime appears to have widened considerably.
You appear to be implying that the sex crimes reported were not in fact sex crimes? How so?

Rape and sexual assault are just that. What *description* would you say isn't really sexual assault or rape when the person (male or female) did not consent?

You are implying rape and sexual assault is okay under some other *description* when in fact they are not okay at all.

If the figures quoted are accurate
They are accurate. I posted the reference to the research study that complied the research.

then it is clear that the acts are thoroughly reprehensible and should be addressed. Equally though can you expan the high incidence of male suicide and why this is occurring?
How is male suicide related in any way to rapes of males and females in university (or anywhere else for that matter)? Explain your point and how they are connected.

Also, could you quote some actual figures on male suicide rates (and female) by age, demographic and location and post the references and links you got those figures from so I can have a look at them. Otherwise it's just throwing around rumours that may or may not be true.

But as this is an interesting discussion I'll add this about male suicides. It is sexist attitudes BY men that have increased suicide rate in MALES due to the pressure on men to conform to the macho stereotype that most of the men's right males are still pushing on them. It is the men's rights push of anti feminine traits that make expressing emotions a no no for so many men and they end up killing themselves. Men's rights attitudes are involved in increasing the rate of male suicide by suppressing so called female qualities in men.
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