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Originally Posted by mannybash View Post
This is everything seems to have started. Discrimination in the workplace. Clearly touching a girls behind was sexist. I'm sure it went too far probably in the '50's and men felt it was just some of prank but clearly it can go too far. The opposite is also true though slightly different. Men welcome a little cheekiness but in just the same way it can go too far and some rake offence as they have every right to do so. We have respect each others spaces
I don't think it was just in the "50s". It's been going too far up to today and well before the "50s" as well.

However, all of that men's/women's rights thing is an illusion of the matrix.

Btw, did you see my post in the thread above? I asked about what is the "awful position" of men's rights in Canada you mentioned. Did some Googling and can't find anything showing Canadian men's right are being abused, in what way? I'd like to know more about this Mannybash.
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