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Originally Posted by blah View Post
If you have nothing good to reply - dont reply! Simple, I started this thread with a simple question. Yes! Absolutely there are alot of naive people out there!
If I feel something I am going to ask other people if they do, to see if this feeling is correct?! At the end of the day I come to this forum because Icke has woken me up, this was the purpose of his books. Now I know he is onto the next stage. If you dont get the purpose of the thread why reply. Anyway, so its just a general question....

Im wondering his next agenda Awakening is saving my life, and will in the future as well.

Has Icke gone to the next stage?...

Most of my life, I have been asleep.

We are going through a collective awakening. David Icke is one of many who are able to get the message out to a wider audience.
We all play our part

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