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Its unbelievable how we manage to take every other threats to an argument lol

But I will say about Icke is that I admire his courage for getting the info out and its just alot of fun, inspiring and great to look at his work and keep track of what he is doing but hes has never been a God type of guy to me, thats just a part of the illusion like religion.

But I do understand people that are talking about David in an "Son of god" type of way and it may seem that way sometimes but remember he has flesh and blood just like you, just an energy field like you and me.

Anybody could do what he is doing if they would put there mind into it and believe in it but the sad story is...a few do!

If you are having a funny day or another spiritual awakening in any way, thats just you reaching out into higher energyfields and it has nothing to do with David taking you there. It may seem that way because thats where David is coming from.

‘Without understanding the nature of our experienced reality and how we create it, we cannot truly understand anything else.’ -David Icke
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