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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
and was aluminium in the jab?
In MMR none.

because these toxins are ACCUMULATIVE in the body
What toxins? And you contend that the human body doesn't dump toxins? I'm well aware of the possibility that some humans have a poor detoxification process and the way it can cross the blood brain barrier..but all 3 of them? More to the point their mother too? and the triplets were all on the verge of toxic overload?

You think that likely ?

i personally don't understand peoples myopic focus in thimerosol when i feel the main focus should be on aluminium where the science is strong
I don't understand either.

for proof check out my thread here 'aluminium: the toxin in vaccines' which cites studies:
Nice thread and well presented. But only a few of these vaccinations need to use an adjutant and MMR is not one of them.
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