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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Not relevant here is it. They only had the one jab and that happened. It wasn't thimerosal. Show your figures for concentration/vaccine containing it and accumulation.
and was aluminium in the jab?

Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
This would be affecting them how when they were previously ok?
because these toxins are ACCUMULATIVE in the body

Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Thimerosal wasn't in the vaccine and.....

"A vaccine containing 0.01% thimerosal as a preservative contains 50 micrograms ofthimerosal per 0.5 mL dose or approximately 25 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 mL dose. For comparison, this is roughly the same amount of elemental mercury contained in a 3 ounce can of tuna fish."

It isn't aluminium. It is used as an adjutant and is always a safe compound. Do you have evidence for any of that?
i personally don't understand peoples myopic focus in thimerosol when i feel the main focus should be on aluminium where the science is strong

for proof check out my thread here 'aluminium: the toxin in vaccines' which cites studies:
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