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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Intentionally poisoned vaccines is THE dirtiest secret there is. The cabal are absolutely desperate you do not find out about it . When full disclosure happens and humanity understands the illuminati have been intentionally brain damaging and disabling millions of children this will be the biggest most terrible revelation …
You ignored what I said and doubled up on your mistake! The never to arrive "full disclosure"

As I said they are desperate to keep this secret , so of course ( like Apollo) the cabal have put out lies and disinformation on the wed.
Bollocks. The only lies about Apollo are from you buggers!

Around the turn of the millennium (over a period of about 7 years) I listened to Alex Jones's 3 hr show Every Day .. Many thousands of hours in total, and at that time vaccines were his main obsession ... he interviewed every expert and insider he could find , dozens of them .. He has a big audience , and this did cause rumblings in the US , people were asking awkward questions , and in response pharma announced "OK we'll take thymerosal out" .. and there was a brief period of celebration ... Until a doctor had some of the new batch of "thymerosol free" vaccines tested and found they contained more thymerosal than before!!
I don't have any problems with why they took it out. Spare us the bullshit hearsay about there being more than before!

And now you can find some web pages saying "oh it was never in there in the first place " ... what you gonna do ?? can you prove that is a lie ... can you test the vaccines yourself ??? No you can't , so most people take the comfortable route and believe everything is fine and big pharma loves them ..
And what you gonna do when presented with a web page that says the Amish have autism ... will you investigate yourself??? They know 99% wont , and so the carnage continues.
Yeah whatever.

What would your explanation be about these triplets ????
Bad batch? Genetic reaction? Dunno. But mercury poisoning doesn't occur that fast and it is nowhere near enough quantity.
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