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Originally Posted by JumpRogue View Post
I’ll tell you what I find not right with this story, those kids are 10 years old, and they show us pics of them when they are babies. Where are the kids? Why not interview them, get footage of them. That’s what’s not right about this story to me.
Probably it's to protect the kids , not forcing them to become public figures , caught up in a media debacle when they are not of the age , or have the mental ability to give consent ...

We must always be alert to deception lies , false flags... but such elaborate frauds are carried out by vested interests , the cabal .

We can expect lies and deception from big pharma , they have a motive

What possible motive could there be for a couple to lie about this , they're obviously not after compensation , if they were , coming out publicly like this would not impress the judge and probably prejudice their case ... anyway this happened ten years ago they would already have sued by now, the court would have examine the 3 victims... They almost certainly have not sued , because pharma pays out only if the victims agree never to talk.

Are you suggesting this couple don't have 3 Autistic children ... neighbors and school would know , and you can bet big pharma has already investigated and would expose very loudly anything amiss.

There is a vaccine damaged compensation scheme in the UK and the US ... if you feel strongly enough, jump through countless hoops , stick at it for years , then you do get a payout ... But they payout stating clearly that they do not admit vaccines caused the damage , and you agree never to talk about the issue again.

lol ... the cabal are not stupid .. this way they silence the most active parents , those likely to make trouble , the ones who know vaccines cause autism ... If this compensation scheme was not in place , these angry awake people would be making videos and telling their stories.

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