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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
There are definately PNAC guys backing Trump.

John Bolton
Michael Ledeen
James Woolsey (trumps foreign policy team former CIA director)
Frank Gaffney
Ed Feulner. (Trump transition team)
Edwin Meese (Trump transition team)
Steve Forbes

It would appear more are backing Hillary but to me it's all part of the show.
i do share your concerns vancity

i always thought that trump would be more disruptive to the NWO then hilary but i also have little faith that the system can produce positive results (hilary would have been a seemless transition of NWO control from obama to clinton...she was totally integrated into their command structure)

its like lenin said....the state is like a car that doesn't change course when you turn the steering wheel; that's because things are really controlled by the deep state; on that i think you and me are both agreed

so the question now is to what extent trump would or could challenge the direction of the deep state and the last president who directly challenged the deep state was murdered in dallas and his brother was killed after him i think trump is the messiah? no

so i'm relieved that clinton is not in but i am cautious rather then celebratory about trump becasue i don't think the answer lies in the system

i think the answer lies in decentralising power down to the people and that is the hard path to follow and most people still prefer to pin their hopes in an individual or political party and i can't think of any example in my lifetime where that has proven a success for the people

if trump actually managed to create positive change it would be an anomoly in my experience of politics

usually the party challenging for power makes lots of promises to the public to get into power but once they are in they just do what the NWO bankers want them to do; the concern is whether or not trump will do the same
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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