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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
I enjoyed watching the Language Matrix video. Very informative. If I might suggest that you used a touch more space in your narration also, this would help to deliver the material.

I'm a musician and I've always wanted to know more about the fundamental basis of creativity/communication via music, on many levels. Obviously, it's easy for discerning minds to see how the lyrical content of certain songs can contribute to negative programming. On another level, I'm also intrigued as to how musical innovators come up with new forms of expression; what is it about their way of viewing reality that enables them to be more 'outside the box' than most of their peers?
Yep, I agree... lol, it was actually very tiring doing all that talking, I talked quickly because of youtube time limits also.

I am fascinated by how occult the music industry has become, then again it is an ideal environment to program people within. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be that much "outside the box" in the music industry, if they aren't puppets then they mimic the puppets because they start the trends.

Have you heard of Jamendo? That seems like a good source of musical creativity and it's open source too
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