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I know from experience that when any (most) kids or young adults KNOW there is no alternative they DO accept the situation!

I get this from normal kids and those on the spectrum. Those on the spectrum especially seem to get it while those other kids still play on the parents weaknesses!

If there is no other way, then they accept it! Its when they have a light at the end of the tunnel that they moan!

I see kids getting on together all the time without their phones etc! It just means that instead of... say us seeing five kids having a chat at the table, there are many more on line. But drop the phones and they will just meet up. It happens in uni all the time where all types of kids are not on their phones and talk all day! They still use them but they like the face to face. So after school age at least, we can see a preference to face to face over fingers, and its a choice they make as they go on in life.
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