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Part 3

There have been numerous proposals for capitalism and the competitive society to be tamed. A noteworthy example in 2018 was a New Age version called SUPERCONSCIOUS CAPITALISM, suggested by a Silicon Valley executive, FRED KOFMAN, a GOOGLE leadership adviser who previously had been at LINKEDIN as Vice President for Leadership. Kofman wanted capitalism to be enhanced by love, spirituality, mindfulness, cooperation, 'emotional intelligence' and the search for meaning.

Kofman was admired by his peers, not least LINKEDIN who incorporated his CONSCIOUS BUSINESS PROGRAM. The LinkedIn CEO JEFF WEINER (Jewish, as was Kofman) endorsed Kofman's 2018 book "The Meaning Revolution", as did Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg (Jewish); Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post); the LinkedIn co-founder REID HOFFMAN (helped finance the rise of Facebook); MICROSOFT CEO Satya Nadella.

Kofman's book "Conscious Business" contained forewords by:- 1) the aforementioned prominent New Age writer KEN WILBER (see Michal Levin above) ; and 2) the successful 'management guru' PETER SENGE, a meditation practitioner. Senge and Hofman collaborated at MIT.

Senge collaborated with another 'New Age' management guru JOSEPH JAWORSKI, whom I discuss in my article "NASA, Gaia and the Great Work" (in the New Age section). They co-wrote "Presence", and Senge wrote the introduction to Jaworski's book "Synchronicity", which encourages intuition, as did Jaworski's book, "Source". Jaworski worked at the oil company ROYAL DUTCH SHELL, where he led its' innovative SCENARIO PLANNING, thought by some to have originated with the RAND CORPORATION.
Part 4 below
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