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Originally Posted by solowrist View Post
Get up and put the kettle on.
Excellent advice!

Nice cup o' tea! ,,,

Originally Posted by derekbuttery View Post
go back to sleep... we're fucked!
zzz zzzz

Originally Posted by noncooperation View Post
You have 2 options when you realise you have lied to and tricked your whole life; be angry or forgive the c**ts.

There are many disagreements which is best; personally the second is not an option for me, so i am stuck with being angry.
2 Options? how about, try not to get angry and not lose yourself in the anger!

When you get angry, direct it at the control system!

But being Mr or Mrs angry I will probably get an angry response!

Myself, I refuse to lose myself in their control system and misdirect anger at others!

ps. I know you know this already!

Originally Posted by derekbuttery View Post
a very wise man once sang that anger is an energy....
Yes ,, as is Love, Hate ,, Fear ,, etc

That's what it's all about! TPTB generating as much negative energy and hate and fear and anger and violence as they can to feed their need for neg' low vibrational energy!
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein

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