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Originally Posted by JumpRogue View Post
I think tech has run its course, it will all end soon
How do you mean?

I think our necessity for being told is lowering, and by that I mean that the pc is now not so important because we have printed our last photo, lest we go to the store and get it in big size, or that we do send less paper word prints. But now the pc is used less as a thing and more as the tool needed to get a result.

I watch little if any telly. But I do catch up on line, the old programs, but they too have now lost their luster.

I use the phone less. I talk more at work. I do buy books still. And my kids read them a's second nature but they are finger poppers like the rest.

I think all the glitter has gone. We have streamlined our lives is all.

Now we are looking for the next big thing to occupy our heads.
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