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I just wanted to say I took the time to start watching it and it is very interesting. I had a lot of these intuitive feelings that he describes in the beginning too, then again I'm sure we all did before the indoctrination process began...

most recently, I took an astronomy course over the summer. as interesting as it was, it just wasn't wholesome in any way, and at the end of every theory or explanation it would consist of...'however, none of this has been proven'

the concept of infinity existing within a finite point is fascinating..simple yet complex..

I like the the point he makes about wasting billlions and billions on projects such as the LHC, as when there are infinitely small scales to explore, we would have to continaully invent new technology to explore smaller scales of matter...but really all that is needed is an understanding of the greater universal pattern/principle that is applied on all scales of the universe

Thank you for posting this..3 hours to go !

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