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Originally Posted by tamlinn View Post
This isn't news, it was announced when I was a kid 40 years ago, that's why my mom stopped feeding it to us.
I agree, i also avoid foods with artificial:
  • preservatives
  • flavourings
  • colourings
  • sweeteners

So the 'news' here is that the WHO is making this big announcment that red meat causes cancer

What i want to ask though is whether or not it is the meat that is causing the cancer or the preservatives and other crap they are pumping into it?

This is because the whole way in which we produce food is at stake here

I am making a case that the corporate method of food production is harmful to people and the planet and that we need to switch to organic permacutlure if we are to survive long term as a species

here's a good documentary about food production called 'food inc' for anyone who's interested
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