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Default WHO say preservatives in meat cause cancer

The World Health Organisation are announcing that the potasium nitrate and potasium nitrite in processed meats cause cancer

You will find these in many meat based foods in the supermarket

If the product contains processed meat turn the food over, read the label of ingrediants and you will likely see 'potasium nitrate' and/or 'potassium nitrite'

You will ALWAYS find these in bacon and no one seems to provide a preservative free organic bacon alternative

sausages too have them as do the meats in pizzas

Shame...some of the tastiest and easiest food to cook!

But anyway there are organic alternatives or non meat based alternatives

In my next post I'll post a newspaper article about this

The article says that these nitrites and nitrates exist in red meats already. they seem to be sayin that red meats are carcinogenic (cause cancer)

But do the meats cause cancer or is it the PRESERVATIVES that the corprations are pumping the meats full of?

isn't it time to call an end to the use of E numbers and carcinogenic preservatives in food so that food productaion can be changed to become more localised, fresha nd organic?

If you want to avoid these aim for fresh organic fruit and veg and organic meat
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