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Originally Posted by tracker View Post
yeah well i have been cought out with it too my self .

yet some would say that to talk about it in this way makes us strange , which is quite ignorant really .

funny how so many people go out of their way to refuse the facts that sometimes they are not in control over their own minds and actions , whilst gob smacked folks like you and me stand back in aw watching the proof for our selves .

Just wanted to add my opinion on the idea that people distance themselves from those who start taking shit into their own hands.

People like leaders, they like an easy life without confrontation. They will lose a lot of freedoms for this before they start to rebel.
For example, a bully may make a large group of peoples lives very hard.You may get the worst of it and none of those people around you will help and will make excuse after excuse for their own cowardice in their own minds.
Say you have enough one day and start turning the tables on the bully and make them feel fear and worry or just lose yourself and stomp them. What do you think is the reaction of those who used to live under tyranny?
They will not treat you like a hero, they will say things like "you went to far" and "he didnt deserve that" and they will fear you.
To me this says people like leaders even those who treat them poorly, in most any situation sheeple will be uneasy around independant souls who take control of their own destiny and have little concearn for the status quo of the herd.
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