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Default The missing link: Self Organizing Systems

I knew that one one side we live in a deeply Archontic society, a society with massive amounts of unbelievably nested, distorted wave forms. The deeper you go the darker it gets. An unbelievably dark, dark shadow self.

On the other side I knew that the ultimate power came from the Archons/ The Demiurge as I had learned from David. Further, I realized that they HAD to be gollums. Not only that but far more recently, I came to realize that the Archons HAD to really be the collective shadow self.

I just couldn't figure out the mechanism that connected them. I couldn't figure out the connection.

Then I remembered a book I had read 20 years ago called "COMPLEXITY: THE EMERGING SCIENCE AT THE EDGE OF ORDER AND CHAOS" by Mitchell Waltrop. This is where I learned about Self Organizing Systems. I had totally forgotten about the book.

Until a few days ago, that is.

Suddenly, I realized that Complexity theory was the missing link. It bridged the gap between what I knew about this world and what I have come to understand about the hidden one that controls this one.

And it all made sense.

It is funny how something I had apparently totally forgotten suddenly came back to me. Heck, I even threw out the book about 15 years ago. You never know. This reminds me of David saying during his "Lion Sleeps No more" that apparently random events in his life were part of a bigger picture. They all interconnected when seen properly.
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