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Originally Posted by princessofwands View Post
Very well explained Blackjack. You'll have to bring out a book soon, your understanding of this whole critical subject is getting so lucid.
At this point it is all so simple so logical. I am amazed that others don't see it. All the dots connect.

Originally Posted by princessofwands View Post
You might find this next article of interest. It doesn't appear to be about archons at first, but it is. It's about all the manifestations, including what we call "the paranormal" and UFOs, which are emanating from this 'other world' that interpenetrates with our own. This 'other world' is full of entities that are messing with us, controlling us, in a huge variety of ways.

The Invisible Hand of the Cosmic Trickster -

From the end of the article -

We are all possessed. We carry within us and are bound tightly by cords of both spirits, good and evil, the Creative and the Entropic. During the exorcism, there is a moment when the demon drops the pretence of its non-existence. It is a moment when the will of the possessed comes into play. The exorcist calls out to the possessed and calls upon him or her to aid in the work of casting out the demon.

When the predator's mind arises in us, we are called upon to make the same choice. Do we succumb to the lures of possession and the lie, promises for the future and wishful thinking, or do we see the predator's mind for what it is and cast it out?

Ultimately, the choice is ours.

Excellent link. They are basically right. I think a few have managed to clean themselves out. These are the true mystics, highly spiritual people. It is quite possible that some are always in flesh to make sure things don't get even more insane.

Lastly, this is ultimately about free will. That is why we have the opportunity to create Archons, evil and hell in the first place. Maybe some of us need that experience or it is a necessary experience on the way to our long term growth.
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