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Default How We Created The Archons

The unhacked version is set up to allow for the creation of Archons. It has to be or else they wouldn’t exist. Since by definition they have far less power (energy) that the creator of the unhacked game it HAS to be this way. The actual mechanism is called “Self Organized Systems” which I will get to later in this post.

That is also why they still have to obey the rules. For example, one of those rules could be that they have to tell their intentions ahead of time in some form, they can only distort not create, they have to get some form of acquiescence, etc.

The reason for we can create Archons is because we have free will. We are allowed to create Archons, hells if we need to experience this. In effect, the unhacked game is saying. “If you really don’t want to deal with your stuff I will allow you to create hells that will give you so much pain that you will finally feel forced to deal with your stuff. If you want hell you can have hell.”

The Universe is a Training Simulation

As David talked about “Remember Who You Are” there are energetic cycles in the unhacked version of this virtual reality game. These cycles are called in many mystic traditions, from highest to lowest energy as the Golden, Silver, Copper (also called Bronze) and Iron Ages. They follow one another. Golden to Silver to Bronze to Iron (gradual reduction in energy) followed by Iron to Bronze to Silver to Golden (gradual increase in energy). They have gone on since the beginning of the unhacked version of this virtual reality game.

The Natural Cycle of Splits & Re-Joins of Reality

Presumably it is in the transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age that the Archons can punch through. It might be during the Iron Age itself. It has to be done at some point of low or lowest energy. I have written about this in the following thread.

How We Created This Nightmare

Further, presumably during the first time the unhacked game went to the Iron Age, we actually created the Archons because energetically we were at our lowest point. This allowed for the greatest build up of unprocessed dis-empowering feelings (shadow selves). This is why they were there to punch through in the schism that David talks about. They were already around. They have been here almost from the beginning.

With this background we can now understand how we created the Archons in the first place. To do this we first need to look at the individual shadow self (unprocessed dis-empowering feelings). After all, this negative, distorted energy HAS to go somewhere. There has to be some consequence for ignoring it as we live in a world of cause and effect for both the hacked and non hacked versions. It would have to be that way as there is cause and effect in the hacked version so it has to be in the unhacked one. “As above, below. As below, above.”

The individual shadow self

The more we deny our shadow self the more vibrationally separate we apparently get from it. Further, the lower its vibrations get, the worse it gets. The more it scuttles us. The more it secretly controls us. I dealt with this in the thread below.

The Vicious Cycle of the Disowned Shadow Self

Now, as the shadow self gets more and more denied it falls to lower and lower energetic levels. The shadow self becomes ever more shadowy. It becomes more and more distorted. In effect, it is a nested, extremely distorted, low energy waveform.

By the way, this is why the “elite” are such hypocrites and liars. They have so totally disowned (and thus empowered) their shadow self that they don’t even realize that they are hypocrites and liars. In their extremely delusional world view they are the good guys. Part of the shadow self is, of course, self delusion.

Now that we have looked at the individual shadow self we can look at how it forms a collective. In other words, how IT becomes conscious, an inherent properly of any complex information processing system. The phenomenon behind this is called “Self Organizing Systems”. Yet another rule, no doubt, in the unhacked version of the virtual reality game. Basically, this is how non living systems (in other words, soulless) entities can obtain consciousness. Please see the following link for more on “Self Organizing Systems” .

Another related idea as to how they became a NESTED being is .

Self Organizing Systems

Now these shadow selves are still attached to us. They HAVE to affect us. Further, they cannot NOT be attached to us as they are part of us. What they really are is a set of highly distorted nested waveforms. Because of this they naturally plunge to lowest energy parts of the metaphysical (waveform/ thought form) universe. Because they are CONSCIOUSLY ignored they are allowed to wreck havoc on their hosts. “What you resist persists”.
Further, the more we feed them the more distorted they become. I covered this in the following threads.

Why The Archons MUST Parasite Us

Distortions & How the Truth Vibrations Work

Now in those vibrational cesspools they join together with other discarded nested, distorted, low vibrational waveform shells. Why? Like attracts like. Another universal law.

Gradually they form a new ecosystem. They became a collective consciousness. A parasitic consciousness that got worse and worse the more it was able to successful parasitize its host. As this soulless conscious system is composed of the very worst of us, it needless to say, has the worst possible intentions for us. How could it have otherwise?

Archons: Consciousness without a soul?

Because the individual shadow selves are still connected to their hosts they can parasitize off of them. That is why they are MIND parasites. Further, this is why they can use our resources (brain power, muscle power ) against us.

Ultimately, the Illuminati are Mind Parasites

Because they are so low energy they probably needed to create technology to be able to control us. In fact they may have needed technology to “punch through” back into our reality (a la at the time of the schism). This is why they have always had the technology. Without it they could only individually scuttle us through the individual shadow selves. To really enslave us they need the technology so they can bring the full force of their collective shadow self to bear on us. Maybe they need the technology to physically manifest here.

Why do we have technology?

Furthermore, to REALLY control us they need to use secret technology against us (i.e., technology we only SUBconsciously decode). That way we have no idea we are being controlled.

How We Are Controlled By Secret Technology

Because they are derived from us they are gollums. They weren’t directly created by the creator of the unhacked game. Because of this they need us to feed them. They can’t directly get their sustenance form the creator of the unhacked game. I suspect another rule is that you get your ultimate sustenance from your ultimate creator.

The reason that they are our worst nightmare is because they are composed of our worst nightmare! They parasitize us because they ARE us! They are vibrationally compatible to do so! This is the reason that they are perfect parasites. They know us so well because they ARE us! They use our resources (mind, body) against us.

This is also why we are in ultimate control. If they were truly separate from us how could we possibly be in control of them? How could we possibly stop them?

Have you ever wondered why David calls those who secretly rule us "the SHADOW people"? They are REALLY are SHADOW SELVES although they may take human form.

Further, because they are a collective they have a hive mind- OUR collective mind - that they have parasitized! Because they are a collective, apparently different archons are simply different ASPECTS of the collective. See my thread below for more details on this.

Why we have it ALL wrong about the Archons

Finally, notice how with this explanation virtually question is simply and logically answered! The “whys” are virtually or entirely all answered. For example, why was there a schism, why do they have a collective mind, why do they feed off of us, why did this happen to us, why is this happening now, why are they such perfect parasites, why are they are worst nightmare, why is their plan such a work of genius, etc. This is why I think I am at or near the bottom of the Rabbit Hole.
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